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Transport and Parking!

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Gannat is situated on the D2009 (previously the Route nationale 9) between Moulins and Clermont-Ferrand), D2209 to Vichy and D998 to Néris-les-Bains. It is 18 kilometres west of Vichy and 43 kilometres north of Clermont-Ferrand.

Gannat is linked to the A71 autoroute by the 24 km-long A719 autoroute.

Gannat is served by the Montluçon - Lapeyrouse and Clermont-Ferrand to Lyon and Bordeaux railway lines (until 2008).

Closest Airports:

Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon St-Exupéry, Paris CDG or Orly.


From Paris/Orly, you'll need to take a plane to Clermont Ferrand, which is the nearest airport. 

From Clermont Ferrand, you'll need to take a train/bus/car to Gannat.



If you are coming through Paris, then you'll need to take a Train to Clermont Ferrand (recommended) or Vichy. From Clermont Ferrand or Vichy, you'll need to take a train/bus/car to Gannat.


 PArking: There are ample parking near the Conference venue and the Festival Place.


For any queries email: 

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